Why to Choose a Logistics Company with Multimodal Transport?

The supply chain across the globe is facing unprecedented disruptions. They have pressure to meet the ever-growing demand while optimizing delivery times at reduced inventory costs. And as a consequence of it, companies are exploring better alternatives to traditional logistics that offer a better return on investment with better opportunities to scale.

Here comes the multimodal transport system.

In this blog “Why to Choose a Logistics Company with Multimodal Transport?” I am going to explain what is multi-modal transport?, and why Multimodal Transport is a better alternative to traditional logistics companies?

What is Multimodal Transport?

Nowadays, there are many different modes of transportation and shipping methods available to shippers to transport goods all over the world. But sometimes one shipping method is not enough. Perhaps your goods are transported a long distance by ship or plane from another part of the world to the other.

To reach the final destination, the cargo must be transported by road, air, or ocean. In short, shippers often have to combine modes of transportation to get their goods to the right place. Logistics companies define two ways of such a combination: intermodal transport and multimodal transport.

Multimodal Transport involves the use of more than one mode of transportation, such as truck, rail, ship, or air, to get cargo to its destination. Multimodal transport also means that all of your freight movements are handled under a single bill of lading, even if different carriers are transporting it.

Benefits of Choosing a Multimodal Transport Company for your Logistics Needs

Shippers around the world typically use multimodal transportation, which has many advantages for many reasons.

Let us see the advantages of Multimodal Transport for your business:

1. Time-Saving

Multimodal transportation can help simplify your freight operations. They simplify the entire process because freight moves from origin to destination under a single contract or bill of lading, so you do not have to deal with a lot of paperwork and follow-up. Plus, the shorter transportation time, improved tracking, and overall shorter delivery times make the multimodal logistics platform more efficient than traditional transportation.

2. More Money-Saving

Multimodal transport offers competitive prices and customized solutions.
A single ship can carry the equivalent of 700 truckloads. Large-scale operations and efficient utilization of vessels allow for highly competitive pricing and flexible door-to-door solutions.

Therefore, multimodal transportation is a cost-effective alternative to traditional road transportation and can save a lot of money.

3. Reduce Freight Losses

Multimodal transport reduces the losses caused by theft, damage, or pollution.
When you choose a multimodal solution, most transportation is by sea, where cargo is much better protected because it is stored safely on a ship than on a trailer on a congested and easily accessible highway.

By sea, your freight is transported door-to-door in sealed steel containers, with no cargo handling in between. This reduces the risk of contamination and loss of your cargo by reducing the number of human touchpoints in transit.

In addition, our containers can be equipped with high-security seals that are stronger and harder to tamper with.

4. Scale Your Capacity

Multimodal transportation works well even on fluctuations in demand. Many companies are unable to adapt their logistics operations to fluctuating demand throughout the year. Whether you need to reduce cargo flow, increase volume, or add new unloading points, multimodal transport scales much better than trucking.

With multimodal transport, you can quickly adjust operations to handle last-minute orders, changes, or delays by adding or rerouting freight as needed.

5. Meet Deadlines

Delivery is good if it is on time. Supply chain efficiency, logistics management, and customer satisfaction all depend on meeting delivery deadlines. A clear advantage of multimodal transportation is that you minimize delivery delays by giving one company control over all freight.

Door-to-door ultimately means that shippers and carriers are on the same page when it comes to order fulfillment.

By choosing multimodal shipping over intermodal shipping, you can reduce the risk of delays and keep customer satisfaction consistently high.

6. Fast and Easy Communication

When companies handle shipping via multimodal transportation, they handle all updates, delays, and interactions through a single provider and contract. This gives shippers peace of mind and simplifies communication between different contacts and carriers.

When you have one person in charge of the entire transportation chain, it’s much easier to focus on the business and not spend time jumping from one call to the next.

7. Accountability on One Company

As far as contractual obligations are concerned, it is the responsibility of only one service provider in the case of multi-modal transport. The difficult part is managing a supply chain is tracking the individual shippers and suppliers and holding them accountable for delays and wasted resources.

But having a multimodal logistics company can save you hours of freight management and lowers operating costs.

8. Faster Transit Options

Due to new restrictions on truck drivers regarding driving hours and other regulations, some long-distance shipments are not as fast as they used to be. Combining different types of transportation into one contract gives you the confidence to balance transit time.

This way, you avoid drivers driving too long, bypassing shipping delays. By giving companies more options for their transportation, you gain control and flexibility over the loading and unloading process.

Final Words

Multimodal transport services enhance air, sea, land, and rail transportation from start to finish, and in the ever-evolving environment, traders are always looking for the best partners who can participate in providing comprehensive and multimodal transportation services.

As the leading integrated logistics company in India, AVG Logistics Limited provides multimodal transport solutions with the best combination of road, rail, air, and sea freight.

Our ability to design solutions provides our customers with the ability to optimize cost and mode of transportation so they get the best balance of cost, reliability, and lead time. This world-class experience, combined with our extensive geographic and operational coverage, as well as our own facilities, allows our customers to receive the best multimodal transportation solutions from AVG Logistics Limited. You can connect us for any of your logistics requirements.

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